KORNATI – one of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

Kornati or Kornati Islands is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean with as many as 140 uninhabited islands, islets and cliffs. 89 of the Kornati islands, due to the exceptional beauty of the landscape, untouched nature, large coastal indivisibility, rich marine flora and fauna were proclaimed a National Park in 1980. Today, the Kornati Islands are not permanently inhabited, but the fishermen’s houses nestled in the bays serve as a reminder of the presence of their owners. They are converted into restaurants and accommodation facilities for Robinson tourism. Kornati represent a true paradise for boaters, divers and all those who love to enjoy the charms of intact nature.

How to spend time on Kornati?
If you visit the Kornati nonchalantly, you will not experience them fully. But there will be unforgettable pictures of the shore of the mainland, some lush coves and the beautiful clear sea. In any case, we recommend you spend your holiday on Kornati. Then you will experience them wholly. Look for accommodation on our islands Sita and Ravna Sika. If you decide on vacation in the full sense of the word, you will understand how little we actually need. You will not miss electricity, tv, cell phone, …. time will stop. Everything on Kornati has a use. Olive branches are the only cobbler, rare almonds or figs are the richness. Nothing is thrown away. Here man really lives in harmony with nature. Fish are hunted to the extent that meets the necessary need. Visit and live briefly on the Kornati, find out how little we really need for a nice and long life.

Kornati nights are truly an unforgettable experience. The starry, low-lying sky and light breeze will make your stay truly fabulous. If you find yourself on one of our exceptional islands, do not be afraid of silence that is heard loud. It is proof that we belong to nature. Also, do not be afraid of night visitors as well. They could be sheep that are free to wander on the island or some donkey in retirement.