Beauty always requires a description, and the description rarely captures it wholly. When reality offers no explanation, legends are used. Thus, according to the legend, the Kornati originated from the white rocks that God was left with after the creation of the world. He threw them into the sea and realized that there was nothing to fix.
Kornati’s story is a silent story; an ominous story. For those who know how to hear and wonder how life survived in the absence.

The stone labyrinth of eighty-nine islands, islets and rocks in the sea – these are the Kornati islands. The most indented island group is in the Mediterranean. The view of the Kornati islands from the air, from the sea … or from the island’s gazebo to the sea is equally impressive. Each is worth the experience and study. The drywall on the Kornati islands is silently and steadily testify of the strenuous human labor on a land of stone surrounded by crystal clear sea. Kornati – the stone pearl of the Mediterranean.

Sailors adore Kornati Islands. They are a challenging and safe at the same time. The water is regularly filled with sails. You need to take note of the wind, the instructions of the professionals and the forecasts because the proximity of the rocks, the small distance between the islands combined with the winds can provide unpleasant surprises on the non-sparse canyons.